Creating a Better Company, Better World and Better Future

Come weave a better future with HanesBrands. Our hardworking, dynamic corporate culture focuses on people development, and making professional and personal growth possible for every associate. Work to win, knowing you have the resources and support you need to thrive as an individual and as our teammate.


Awards & Recognition

We do what’s right. Our actions align with what we strive to do: to improve the lives of people, protect the planet and produce sustainable products. We are transparent with our actions, sharing information about the factors influencing our decisions. We’ve elevated the things everybody needs to feel comfortable in their everyday activities and in their own skin.

  • The Pathways Internship Program: Learning From the Best

    You have goals, ambitions and aspirations. No matter where you see yourself in the future, we’ll help you get there. College and university students are invited to learn the skills, technologies and behavior needed to excel and advance. Throughout the ten-week program, interns are included in attending facility tours and social gatherings where they form an ongoing network of colleagues and mentors. HanesBrands leaders work with interns personally to discuss job possibilities, vocational paths and to offer proven career advice.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Welcoming Workplaces

    Everybody is welcome, valued and respected at HanesBrands. We strive to provide a workplace that encourages collaboration, teamwork and free-flowing communication. To ensure our people are equally empowered by the differences of others, we've instituted a Global Diversity and Inclusion program. Strategies include workforce balancing, workplace practices and marketplace opportunities; our cross-functional, cross-cultural teams have made us a preferred employer in the diverse communities where we operate.
  • Learning Something New Every Day: Talent Development

    We are creating opportunities for all Associates to learn the right skills to accelerate in the right job. We will provide access to education and training to grow your career. We invest in leaders by providing the hands-on learning, tools and knowledge they need to inspire and engage their teams. Our Education Assistance program helps you boost your career. You are eligible to participate from day one of joining HanesBrands. We continue to invest in you, helping you build capabilities and accelerate growth as your needs change.
  • Community: Moving Forward Together

    Embracing and accepting all that's unique in individual personalities, lifestyles, work styles, political affiliations, genders, gender identities and ideologies extends far beyond the workplace. It extends to affording the communities in which we work the same respect we give our people. We care for our global neighbors by providing education programs and free health care. And we care for the diverse ecosystems we call home with sound environmental practices.